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Liuyang Fireworks

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It is majestic, earth-shattering and crying ghosts and gods; it is colorful, unparalleled and consistent with ancient and modern. It has won numerous glorious honors, and has appeared on the stage of national grand ceremonies such as the Beijing Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shanghai World Expo, and previous APEC summits, and has been promoted, displayed and promoted to the world as a national culture. It is Liuyang fireworks.

From a small firecracker with superstitious colors, to the cultural and customs symbols of a region, a nation, and a country, to the festivals, holidays and celebrations that go abroad and enter other countries, the firecracker culture has already subtly invaded. elsewhere outside the country. Nowadays, in every part of the world, whenever the New Year comes, whenever there is a moment of celebration, and whenever a major ceremony is held, the custom and hobby of setting off fireworks have been agreed upon. The fireworks from the ancient oriental country will always walk to the center of the stage like no one else, showing their unique charm.

Liuyang Firecracker, a specialty product of Liuyang City, Hunan Province, is a product of China’s National Geographical Indication.

Liuyang City is a world-famous hometown of fireworks. Liuyang fireworks are beautiful in appearance, bright in color and reliable in quality. They are known as “Liuyang fireworks shake the world”.

Firecrackers, also known as: fireworks, are traditional Chinese handmade products. The ancients believed that fire can dispel ominous, sparks, and it is a harbinger of happy events; sound can scare ghosts and disperse qi; fireworks make yang rise, which is full of masculine beauty. The firing of firecrackers is just in line with people’s wishes, and has forged an indissoluble bond with Chinese folk customs. During traditional folk festivals and various celebration parties, people scramble to set off firecrackers to show joy. Golden flowers splash and colorful, or spin and jump on the ground, or soar and shine in the sky, which is dizzying. It is a note of joy and auspiciousness. symbol. Liuyang fireworks have a long-standing reputation, beautiful appearance, bright colors and reliable quality, known as the “hometown of fireworks”.

The production of fireworks in Liuyang adopts traditional manual techniques, using local materials such as soil paper, soil nitrate, sulfur, charcoal powder, red and white soil, etc. as processing raw materials. There are a total of 12 processes and 72 processes.

Liuyang fireworks resound all over the world, and the number of fireworks in the world is Liuyang. After more than 1,300 years of development, Liuyang has formed an industrial cluster integrating production, operation, research and development, and logistics, and has become a global fireworks production and trade base and the world’s “hometown of fireworks”.

Liuyang fireworks have various types, such as party poppers and fountain fireworks,there are also wheels fireworks for kids.If you need fireworks, please contact our fireworks manufacturer.

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