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Classification of Fireworks Products

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Fireworks and firecrackers are divided into the following categories according to the structure of the product and the form of movement after it is set off.

Spray flowers: products that spray flames and sparks when they are fired.For example,our popular fountain fireworks,which emits beautiful flames, giving you visual enjoyment.

Rotating type: The product whose main body rotates but does not lift off when it is fired.

Lift-off category: The product that the main body is oriented to lift into the air when it is fired.

Rotational lift-off type: products that are self-rotating and lifted into the air when they are fired.

Beads: Products that regularly develop multiple colored beads, colored flowers, sounds and other effects from the same cylinder during firing.

Incense sticks: products formed by wrapping pyrotechnic powder with decorative paper or tissue paper tube or coating pyrotechnic powder on iron wire, bamboo pole, wooden pole or paper.

Smoke category: products that mainly produce smoky effect during discharge.

Modeling toys: The product shell is made into various shapes, which can imitate the created image or action during or after being fired; or the product has no shape on the outside, but can produce a certain image when fired or after being fired.

Friction type: products that directly detonate the main body by means of impact, friction, etc.

Small fireworks: products that are placed on the ground when fired, fired from the main body (inner diameter of a single cylinder <76mm) and exploded in the air with effects such as beads, sounds, flute sounds or floating objects. Fireworks projectiles: The projectiles are produced from a special launching tool (inner diameter of the launching tube ≥76mm) and burst into the air with various light colors, patterns and patterns to form other effects. Shelf fireworks: products that fix the position and direction of the fireworks through the frame. Firecrackers: a single firecracker product or a combination of multiple firecrackers. Cold light fireworks: products suitable for indoor lighting Combined fireworks: fireworks products that are composed of multiple single tubes.

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